Satellite Tank Monitors

Single Tank Solutions

SMARTank’s single tank solutions have been designed for the liquid level measurement of any single tank application where either GSM or CDMA cellular network is available

The single tank applications can be configured for virtually any height tank and is ideal for remote portable above-ground or stationary tanks containing diesel, lube, home heat, propane, or gasoline applications.

Multiple Tank Solutions

SMARTank’s multi-tank architecture allows tank level information from mlutiple “client” tank monitors to be consolidated by one “host” monitor that reports the tank level readings with a single call.

The multi-tank architecture is completely wireless, and like its single-tank counterpart provides the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. In addition, when compared with typical multiple installations the multi-tank architecture provides a 20-50% savings.

SMARTank Website

View a summary of all tanks locations, inventory levels and reorder or low alarm levels. Plot tanks on a map via GPS or reverse geocoding the address to build route density. Run delivery efficiency reports for real-time ROI.