Whitener Fuel & Lubricants division is a full line Chevron Lubricants marketer, with products readily available in both bulk and packaged; and available for pick up or delivery. Our product line includes Chevron Delo® 400 heavy duty motor oils, full and synthetic blend motor oils, hydraulic oils, greases, coolants/antifreeze, turbine oils, CAT® TO-4 Fluids, gear lubricants, and industrial oils. Some of the products we stock can be found below.

Chevron Lubricants Product Offerings

Chevron Delo® Heavy Duty Motor Oils

  • Chevron Delo® 400® SDE
  • Chevron Delo® 600 ADF
  • Chevron Delo® 400 XLE Synthetic Blend
  • Chevron Delo® 400 XSP Full Synthetic
  • Chevron Delo® 400 ZFA
  • Chevron Delo® 100

Chevron Greases

  • Chevron Starplex® EP
  • Chevron Starplex® HD
  • Chevron Starplex® HD M3 – with 3% molybdenum disulfide
  • Chevron Starplexv HD M5 – with 5% molybdenum disulfide
  • Chevron Black Pearl® EP
  • Chevron Black Pearl® SRI
  • Chevron Ultra-Duty HD
  • Chevron Texclad®
  • Chevron Open Gear Grease

Chevron Heavy Duty Gear & Transmission Oils

  • Chevron Delo® Gear EP-5
  • Chevron Delo® Gear ESI
  • Chevron Delo® Syn-Gear HD
  • Chevron Delo® Syn-Gear XDM
  • Chevron Delo® Gear LS
  • Chevron Delo® Gear GL-1
  • Chevron Delo® Syn-Trans HD
  • Chevron Delo® Syn-Trans XE
  • Chevron Delo® Syn ATF HD

Chevron Hydraulic Oils

  • Chevron Rando® EA Hydraulic Oil
  • Chevron Clarity® Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW
  • Chevron Clarity® Hydraulic Oil AW
  • Chevron Rando® HDZ Hydraulic Oil
  • Chevron Rando® HD Hydraulic Oil
  • Chevron Hydraulic Oil AW
  • Chevron 1000 THF – Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

Chevron Coolants

  • Chevron Delo® Extended Life
  • Chevron Delo ® XLC
  • Chevron Havoline ® Xtended Life
  • Chevron Havoline ® Conventional
  • Chevron Havoline ® Universal

Chevron TO-4 Fluids

  • Chevron Delo® TorqForce 10W
  • Chevron Delo® TorqForce 30
  • Chevron Delo® TorqForce 50
  • Chevron Delo® TorqForce 60

Chevron Industrial Gear Lubricants

  • Chevron Meropa®
  • Chevron Meropa® XL
  • Chevron Meropa EliteSyn XM
  • Chevron Meropa EliteSyn WL

Chevron Turbine Oils

  • Chevron GST® Oil
  • Chevron Regal® R&O

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