• Fuel Delivery

We can deliver fuel directly to you. Our up-to-date fleet is outfitted and designed to deliver fuel in small and large volumes, multiple products, and various tank types.

  • Lubricants Delivery

Available in both packaged and bulk, our delivery equipment can bring product to either your facility or your job site.

  • Fuel Purification

One time services, or full time protection; we have the equipment to keep your tank & fuel in tip-top condition. We have chemical treatments and centrifugal services.

  • Advanced Technology

We are a Power Service Diesel Products Xtreme Diesel Distributor. What is that? That means we continuously treat our customer’s fuel and tanks as if it was our own.

  • Generator Fuel Services

Let us help you set a cleanliness baseline and maintain your fuel levels.  Setup sampling intervals and even have the fuel tested by an independent laboratory.

  • NAPA Auto Parts

Need the Good Stuff?  We are an independently owned NAPA jobber with a full line of NAPA parts, filters, Continental Batteries, and more.

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    Looking for lubricants?

    We've got the entire Chevron line of Lubricants. Contact us today for more information.

    Chevron Lubricants

    Click below for more information on our Chevron line of products.


    You need a boost?

    Power Service Products, the only diesel fuel additive both endorsed and recommended by Cummins

    Power Service Products

    Click below to learn more how Power Service Diesel Products can help you!

    Is your Fuel or Tank dirty?

    We can help! Contact us to find out about our centrifugal purification services.

    Fuel & Tank Purification Services

    Click below to see how we can test, clean, plan, and maintain your fuel & tanks.

    NEXTGEN Protection

    Don't wait until your emergency power source becomes a necessity but unreliable.

    Fuel & Tank Purification Services

    Click below so we can make sure your emergency power source is ready all year long.

    You need it, we probably have it.

    Diesel Fuel Delivery
    Generator Fueling
    DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid
    Chevron Lubricants
    Diesel Fuel Purification
    Tank Level Monitoring
    Kerosene K1 Dyed
    Race Fuel
    Lubricants Purification
    FMS Fuel Management
    Fuel Tanks & Equipment
    Lube Tanks & Equipment

    All of this, and so much more.

    Does not knowing who’s getting fuel from your tank keeping you up at night?
    Get to know the Fill-Rite FMS Fuel Management System.

    Manage your fuel and dispensing remotely. Drivers, Vehicles, Products, & Access.

    The right equipment, for the right job.

    Different job sites call for different requirements, we have the equipment you need to get the job done.

    Knocking on the side of the tank to see how full it is,
    just not cutting it anymore?

    Manage your fuel volumes remotely. Ecogreen Tank Monitors.

    Ecogreen Tank Monitor Installations


    Decisions… decisions… decisions

    No matter your favorite flavor, either we have it, or we’ll get it!

    We keep a modern fleet.

    Because us, getting to youmatters!

    Fleet Service Equipment

    Don’t get bogged down with buckets, jugs, and drums. Let’s get you organized.

    We have NAPA Know How!

    We are a NAPA Auto Parts jobber with a full line of automotive, truck, and equipment parts, as well as extended tool inventory. We carry a large inventory of filters from Silver, Gold, and Platinum lines for maximum protection and extended up-time! Our state of the art hydraulic hose machines can make custom hydraulic hoses while you wait at a fraction of the costs of returning to the dealer. Need to keep your stuff clean? We have that too!

    You know where to go to get the Good Stuff!

    NEXTGEN Protection

    • Bi-Annual Fuel Sampling
      • Spring and Fall fuel & tank sampling
    • Power Service Clear Diesel Additives
      • Removes trace amounts of water and contaminants
    • Power Service Bio-Clean Biocide Additives
      • Dual Phase (works both in fuel and water)
    • Independent Lab Testing
      • ASTM D 2276, mg/L Particulate Contaminant
      • ASTM D 2709, vol % Water and Sediment in Distillate Fuels
      • ASTM E 1259, Bacteria Count /ml Micro-organism Culture Study in Fuel Oils.
    • Fuel Centrifugal Services
      • Remove water and contaminates
      • Little to no loss of fuel
      • Fraction of the cost of removal and replacement

    Today’s equipment, trucks, and generators are more sensitive than ever regarding fuel conditions and cleanliness. Don’t wait until your backup emergency power is required to find out your fuel and supply tank are in an inadequate condition. Contact us about our NEXTGEN Generator Protection Program today.

    Year round fuel service and tank monitoring.

    Power Service Products Advanced Diesel Technology

    Performance, Winterization, and Fuel Tank Hygiene